This is a short guide to buying online at BigliettoVeloce.
these directions are not useful for solving your problem, consult the FAQ section to read the answers to the most questions frequent use of the service, or fill out the form Assistance, and you will get an answer within 24 working hours.
Il Assistance service is operational from Monday to Friday from hours 09.00 to 18.00, excluding holidays.

How to buy online


You can login by clicking on Login (always visible at the top right of the page), or from the Login or Register button in the table prices of the event, and enter your username and password.
You will be asked to enter the missing data and confirm those already inserted.
You can always change your data by clicking on your own Username in the user area (always visible at the top right of the page), or entering the My Ticket area - My area data.
If you do not remember your login information you can retrieve it in any time from the Recover Data page, entering the address email with which you registered. You will be sent an email with i registration data.

Selection of tickets

Once you find the desired event you can purchase the related entry tickets. In fact, an informative page is accessed bring to the left the detailed data of the site where it takes place the event (name of venue, address, city, telephone, e-mail, withdrawal info tickets, etc.), while on the right the information and the poster of the chosen event.
To purchase tickets or season tickets, choose from the drop-down menu the date of the event or the type of subscription you are interested in and click on the Buy button.
Per access to the purchase must be authenticated. For more information read the paragraph on Authentication.
The seats can be assigned in two ways:

Automatic selection of the best place

The allocation of seats is managed by an automatic system that assigns the best seats available at the time of purchase in base at the selected price.
The purchase page shows the indications of the sectors (Platea, Palchi, Galleria, etc.), of the available places, of the full price and possibly reduced prices, of the number of tickets to buy. Below the purchase table you can view the graphical plant with the indication of the available places divided by sector and price ranges, the different colors of the squares indicate different prices.
Click on the sector you are interested in, select the price, choose the number of whole tickets and possibly reduced tickets.
To proceed with the purchase you have to write down the control code (a six-digit number from report in the field to the side to ensure additional security to yours purchase) and then click on BUY ON LINE.
The price total, including the service fee and 22% VAT it is calculated automatically.

Manual selection of place

For many events, you can choose the desired seats selecting them directly on the graphic plant.
Once After selection, the price table appears below the floor plan indicates the amount of seats chosen for each sector, the full rate and, where available, the possibility of buying tickets at a rate reduced.
To proceed with the purchase you must write down the code of control (a number of six digits to be reported in the field to the side for guarantee additional security to your purchase) and subsequently click on BUY ON LINE.
The total price, inclusive of the commission for the service and 22% VAT is calculated automatically.
You can always change the assignment mode of places by selecting the corresponding tab visible on the table prices.

Seat assignment

At this point the summary page describing the seats appears assigned by the system, indicates the price, the amount related to presale and the Internet service fee.
Places assigned are highlighted in red in the graphic plant. If the seats assigned by SELECTION AUTOMATIC are not to your liking, you can cancel the transaction immediately without confirming the purchase, e go back for a new assignment.
To reserve seats assigned and add them to the cart click on ADD within 2 minutes.


The cart describes a summary of all your bookings.
Il Booking time is clearly indicated on the summary page of the cart, marked with an icon indicating the exact term within which the title can be paid.
If not confirm the places in your cart within the terms indicated, the transaction is canceled and the seats made available for a new one sale.
If the " MY page is inadvertently closed CART ", you can retrieve it by clicking on the icon appears in the user area (always visible at the top right of the page).
If you want to delete places you can select the ones from cancel and click on the DELETE button.
If you want to continue with purchases and add other events to the cart, click on button OTHER PURCHASES.
If you want to delete all your own reservations and empty your cart click on the EMPTY button.
To confirm your reservations click on the CONFIRM button.


You can make payment for your online reservations in three ways:

  • by credit card online
  • by direct bank transfer with PagoInconto, if you are an Intesa account holder Sanpaolo
  • by direct transfer with UniCredit, if you are a current account holder UniCredit

Payment by credit card

You can pay for your online transactions with a VISA credit card. MASTERCARD, DINERS or Online Currency.
Revolving cards can be used only if previously enabled for purchases online and belonging to one of the circuits accepted by BigliettoVeloce (VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS, Online Currency).
To guarantee you the maximum security, online transactions of your purchases come made through secure server, with SSL protection system (Secure Socket Layer). Credit card transactions from our service They are absolutely safe because neither our Merchant customers nor the our company know the Credit Card codes. Code it is only used for the payment transaction against a amount and a transaction number; if the payment is successful we receive a receipt number from our buyer.
For each code of transaction you have 4 attempts to pay by card credit. Made 4 unsuccessful attempts to pay, it will no longer be possible to recover the transaction.
In the box Credit Card Number insert the Credit Card number complete and without spaces.
In the Expiration Date box, select the credit card expiration date.
In the CVV2 box enter the 3 digits that for Visa and Mastercard are printed on the back, immediately after the last 4 digits of the card code, on the space for the signature. CVV2 is mandatory for all credit cards accepted on our circuits.
In the Paper Type box, choose the type of credit card. Revolving cards can be used only if previously enabled for online purchases and belonging to one of the circuits accepted by BigliettoVeloce (VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS, Online Currency).

Payment with PagoInconto of Intesa Sanpaolo

From the payment page, click on the " PagoInconto " and you will be asked to log in by entering your login information your home banking.
Once logged in, you can confirm the transfer directly from the bank account you use normally.
At the end of the procedure you will be redirected to Ticket purchase receipt.

Payment with Unicredit Pagonline

From the payment page, click on the " PagOnline button Unicredit " and you will be asked to log in by entering your details access to your home banking.
Once logged in, you can confirm the transfer directly from the bank account that use normally.
At the end of the procedure you will be redirected to the Ticket purchase voucher.

Payment with Satispay

Satispay is the mobile payments app to exchange money with your contacts and pay for your online purchases. Free, safe, simple. For more information visit the Satispay website.
If the payment process is not completed immediately and you want to pay online at a later time, it is essential to have the CODE OF TRANSACTION that identifies the purchase and is assigned automatically at every booking. For this reason, remember to write down the code or print the payment page.
To proceed with the payment online at a later time you have two possibilities:

  • Access TicketVeloce, enter the " My BigliettoVeloce area - My purchases " and view the status of your bookings. Click on the transaction code of the expiring bookings e you can then proceed with the payment.
  • Cicca su Recupero Prenotazioni always visible at the bottom of the page. Enter the transaction code in the appropriate field and click on SEND to access the payment page.

Payment receipt

If the payment was successful, the system displays the RECEIPT PAYMENT, which indicates the summary of all transactions made and for each event purchased displays a receipt, which is printed individually on A4 paper. Consult each receipt to see the purchase details, find out how to collect them of tickets or printing at home.
Within a few minutes from payment you will receive an e-mail confirming the purchase.
If not receive the confirmation email, make sure your mailbox is not be beyond the limits allowed by the service provider, or not have inserted spam filters that may have blocked the message confirmation of the reservation, which is not binding for the purposes of the validity of the purchase.
You can check your purchases, the status of your reservations or transaction codes and receipts of payment in the section - MY ORDERS.
Click on View Receipt always visible at the footer, to recover at any time the purchase receipts of your bookings.
Print the receipt or write down the transaction code because will be used to collect tickets at the ticket office.
you wish you can print the commission invoice for the service Internet by clicking on the Invoice Commissions link at the top of the page receipt of purchase.

Ticket delivery

The mode of ticket delivery is specified on the individual payment receipts. Different types of delivery are possible depending on the event:

Withdrawal at the ticket office

The user must be present at the Ticket Office from one hour before at the beginning of the show presenting the payment receipt or the number of your transaction code and proof of identity.

Sending the ticket to the buyer's home

For some events, manages home delivery. IS' It is therefore important to write exactly your address because it is the where the tickets will be sent.

Ticket collection with Mobile

At the end of the purchase, you will receive a confirmation via sms e you will see the receipt of payment valid for the collection of the tickets at the ticket office. - ​​print @ home gives you the opportunity, but only for some events, of print your newly purchased tickets online directly to your home, that have the same value as regular tickets picked up in ticket office.
We remind you that you can only print one time and you'll have to keep them carefully, just like you do with gods normal fiscal tickets.

Shipping costs

For delivery in Italy, a shipping fee of 0,00 Euro.
For shipments to European Union countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Kingdom United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania) one applies shipping fee of 00.00 euros.
For shipments to non-EU countries a shipping fee of 00.00 euros is applied.
The customs costs that remain charged to the customer are not included.