What are cookies?
Cookies are small text strings dimensions that the sites visited by the user send to his terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored to be then retransmitted to the same sites at the next visit of the same user. During navigation on a site, the user can receive on its terminal also cookies that are sent from sites or from the web different servers (c.d. " third parties "), on which they can reside some elements (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) present on the site that the he is visiting.
Cookies, usually found in browsers users in very large numbers and sometimes even with characteristics of wide temporal persistence, are used for different purposes: implementation of computer authentication, session monitoring, storage of specific information configurations concerning users accessing the server, etc.
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What types of cookies are used on this site?

Type of cookie

Used by

What it does




Essential cookies for operation of the BigliettoVeloce sites. serves to store details of access to the site and the data necessary for the use of the service required. These cookies remain on your computer or device electronic only while the browser is open. They do not register any information permanently and are deleted once closed the browser

Cookie name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Used to show or not the cookie disclaimer

Cookie name: xxxxxxxxxxxxx



Third-party. These cookies are used to distinguish unique users by assigning them a number or a string of letters and numbers randomly generated for identify the browser, the dates and times of access to the site and the reference pages that have led to the site in order to create of the analysis reports of the site itself. They are set up for expire one after 10 minutes and the other after 2 years.

Cookie name: _ga, _gat
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Allow you to share comments / ratings / pages / bookmark and help you simplify access to social networks and social tools on the internet.

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Authorization, blocking and deletion of cookies

Every user can decide freely whether to install our cookies or receive an alert on the screen for each cookie (individually considered) and then decide from time to time whether to install it or not via:
1. La configuration of browser navigation options.

  • For more information about the Google Chrome browser, click here
  • For more information on the Explorer browser, click here
  • For more information on the Mozilla Firefox browser, click here
  • For more information on the Safari browser, click here
  • For more information on the Opera browser, click here

2. Use of third-party tools available online.

  • Some of the third-party tools available online allow the user to identify the cookies present in each site visited and manage their deactivation. For example, if the user does not want to being tracked by Google Analytics can manage options via http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout .
  • In case the user decides to configure the browser in such a way to refuse all cookies or to refuse essential cookies from our Portal, could have problems during the purchase phase online. In this case, navigation may be slowed down or generate errors.
  • The user can cancel consent to use at any time of the cookies of this Portal through the configuration options of the browser (shown above).

Scope of communication and dissemination
Personal data may get to know the persons in charge of the processing, or from professionals and staff for organizational and functional needs they need to process such data but always limited to the sole purpose connected to the services offered. Such staff was duly instructed in the field of security and protection of personal data, with the prohibition, in particular, to disseminate or communicate personal data to third parties.
Whom to contact me The data controller of the website www.BigliettoVeloce.it is RSH Software House Srl - Via Ezio Sciamanna 8 / B - 00168 Rome - Italy - Tel / Fax 12345678 or at the address email info@bigliettoveloce.it. At RSH Software House Srl it is possible also apply for the exercise of the rights referred to in Article 7 of the D.Lgs. 196/2003 or for any information or other.
Informative in full

For further information pursuant to the art. 13 of Legislative Decreeno.196/2003 on the processing of personal data on the website www.BigliettoVeloce.it see the Privacy Policy. For more information see the   provision of the Guarantor .